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The Story Behind Ginale

Ginale Skin Care has become the number one all-natural choice for people  concerned with the health and beauty of their skin, and here is why...

In 2007, with hundreds of thousands of clients coming to him for advice on having blemish-free, naturally healthy, and radiant skin, best selling  author Chris Gibson began a search for an all-natural alternative to  replace the expensive and harsh chemically-based products that had flooded the skin care market.

Chris and his revolutionary skin care book, "Acne Free in 3 Days", had turned the tide for individuals with troubled skin by applying new  scientific and all-natural methods he had discovered in his own well  documented and prolonged battles with skin issues that no dermatologist  or drug had been able to cure. These methods worked so well that Chris  has become a regular guest on TV and Radio as a health and wellness  expert with a message of hope for those wanting to have clear,  beautiful, and ageless skin.

Working with a top dermatologist in the field of all-natural,  chemical free bio-cosmetics, Chris helped to develop Ginale to the most  potent and skin friendly line available today. But there are more  reasons to take a closer look at GinalĂ© than just why it exists...

One of the key things Chris discovered was that most chemically based products were actually contributing to poor skin health and not helping people at all. In fact, most were a waste of money  because they did not help the skin to exfoliate and absorb the nutrients necessary to its own survival.

No wonder then that acne prone skin and other skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis have been actually increasing across the globe, despite all the technological and medical advances we have today.  Something was very wrong, so wrong that Chris was even invited to  participate in congressional reviews of how products are made, what they contain, and why alternative all-natural products have been proven in  most cases to be safer and more effective.

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A Message From Chris Gibson

"This unique skin care line was personally designed to replace the harsh  chemically-based products that are commonly used and found to contribute to a host of skin problems, from over-dryness to breakouts and even  allergic reactions. From the moment of its availability to my first  group of clients, Ginale has made an incredible and cost saving difference for everyone who uses it.

So natural and gentle, it also makes even other dermatological products  work better than on their own. Olive oil and glycerin based, it provides state of the art skin care that your skin (the largest organ of the  body) needs to help it stay clear, healthy, and radiant. You will not  be disappointed, I guarantee it's like nothing you've tried before!"


Chris Gibson
Holistic Health Expert/Author




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